Baicheng city: carry out "loan renewals without repayment of principal" business to help corporate development


To improve the business environment, help the economic development of enterprises and solve the difficulties of financing, the Baicheng Real Estate Registration Center has carried out the business of "loan renewals without repayment of principal" in recent years. In close cooperation with banks, the center has encouraged qualified enterprises, especially micro and small-sized enterprises, to automatically renew loans or extend the use term of loan lines, which solves the problem that enterprises need to settle previous loans when they apply for new loans from banks.
Baicheng Fujia Technology Co Ltd recently went to the center to handle the mortgage business of "borrowing to return debts", which involved 1 land and 25 properties. The company needed to apply for the "two certificates in one" for scattered housing and land before the renewal business. The center opened a "green lane" to immediately process the registration of mortgage cancellation, replacement and mortgage registration, saving a lot of refinancing costs for the company.
Jilin Yufeng Rice Co Ltd is a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Baicheng city. The company has borrowed 23 million yuan from Changchun Branch of China Everbright Bank. Because the bank is not local, and the official seal of the bank is not convenient to carry, the municipal real estate registration center has launched the "acceptance with incomplete application materials" service, that is, after the mortgage contract is signed, contents of the material photos transmitted online will be pre-examined with information recorded, and all paper-based materials need to be submitted when the bank agent and the mortgagor go to the center together to get the certificate.
To data, more than 300 enterprises in Baicheng have obtained the certificate of real property ownership on the day of acceptance through the "green lane". The city has processed over 800 "loan renewals without repayment of principal" applications, saving enterprises more than 58 million yuan in loan costs.