Local agricultural products of Meihekou city are renowned all over the country

2021-06-03    JL.gov

In recent years, Meihekou city has made full use of its geographical, resource and technological advantages, adopted a number of support measures and activated production factors of all kinds, making the farm produce processing industry and food industry develop rapidly. There are more than 300 agricultural products processing enterprises and more than 500 food processing enterprises across the city, including over 80 enterprises above designated size.
Meihekou has a rice planting area of 450,000 mu for high-quality rice varieties such as Akita rice, Jijing 816 and Tongyuanxiang 518. With excellent ecology, advanced cultivation technology and superior rice quality, the city has been awarded the title of "China's hometown of imperial rice" by the China National Association of Grain Sector. At present, there are more than 20 rice processing enterprises above designated size in the whole city, with an annual processing capacity of 450,000 tons and sales revenue of 800 million yuan. Meihe rice has obtained the protection of national geographical indication products and been rated as "China's famous brand" and "China's regional brand for local agricultural products ".
Nut processing companies have developed to nearly 200 in Meihekou, processing 150,000 tons of pine seeds annually, creating an output value of 5.4 billion yuan, and accounting for 18 percent of the city's GDP. Over 80 of the companies are qualified for export operation. 80 percent of the national nut products are processed and sold in the city, the export volume of pine seeds accounts for 70 percent of the international market, and the annual export earnings reach US$200 million. Meihekou has been awarded titles of national quality and safety demonstration zone of nuts export and China's trade and processing demonstration zone of the pine seed industry.