Liuhe: hold Cultural Tourism & Rice Transplanting Festival


On May 30, the ninth Cultural Tourism & Rice Transplanting Festival of Liuhe county opened in Jiangjiadian Korean township.
Jiangjiadian volcanic rock rice traditional planting technique is the first batch of Liuhe county to be listed in the provincial intangible cultural heritage key protection projects. To combine the intangible cultural heritage with the regional economy, agricultural production and tourism culture and to create an important brand integrating signature industries, cultural tourism and intangible cultural heritage protection, Liuhe has held nine sessions of the rice transplanting festival since 2013, and the festival has become an important brand of local agriculture festival activities.
Liuhe county, as the national commodity grain base county and the hometown of volcanic rock rice in China, has a total of 320,000 mu of rice planting base, 8 organic certification enterprises, 7 green organic certification enterprises and 26 QS certification enterprises. "Liuhe rice" has been approved as the national geographical indication certification trademark.