Business Processing and Entrepreneurship Industrial Park of Jilin Tonghua International Inland Port to be completed within this year


The Business Processing and Entrepreneurship Industrial Park project of Jilin Tonghua International Inland Port, with a total investment of 836 million yuan, mainly includes 9 standardized workshops, 1 comprehensive building, 1 gas pressure regulating station and 1 heat exchange station. To date, 7 of the 9 standardized workshops have been roofed, and the other 2 workshops and the comprehensive building have been under construction, which are expected to be completed and put into use by the end of October.
To ensure the smooth progress of the project, the port area has taken multiple measures to ensure the completion of the project within this year. Meanwhile, the area has set up investment attraction teams to go to Zhejiang Taizhou, Liaoning Dandong and other places to discuss the details of enterprises settled in the park, so as to ensure that the completion day of the project is the time for enterprises to enter the park. After being completed, the project can accommodate more than 30 garment production and processing enterprises, as well as over 100 garment trading enterprises. It is estimated that the new output value of the project will be 1.5 billion yuan, the new profits and taxes will be more than 80 million yuan, and about 12,000 jobs will be created.