Construction of Chagan Lake Ecological Town in Songyuan city


Entering the golden period of project construction in May, all the projects of Chagan Lake Ecological Town in Songyuan city are in full swing on the construction site. According to the introduction, the main purpose of the project is to carry the ancillary functions of Chagan Lake's eco-tourism, to keep the functions of eating, lodging, traveling, shopping and entertaining away from the scenic area for 10 kilometers, to reduce the ecological and environmental risks brought by tourism, to protect the lucid waters and green mountains of Chagan Lake and to cultivate the ecological background. Since July 26, 2020, the Chagan Lake Ecological Town has been under construction. Last year, 13 projects of the ecological town started construction, 3 projects including county road of Songduan Line, village road around Chagan Lake and Changshan sewage treatment plant completed construction, and 9 single buildings of 4 projects including tourist center, town guest hall, theme post office & financial supermarket and cultural and tourism international block were roofed, with an investment of 880 million yuan. This year, a total of 28 projects are planned to be implemented, including 10 projects under construction and 18 new projects, with a planned investment of 1.95 billion yuan. To date, all the 10 projects under construction and 4 of the 18 new projects have started work. It is reported that Shengtai Square, town gate and ecological water system will be basically completed in July, and all projects under construction will be roofed. Before the winter fishing festival, the town will be partially put into operation.