Ji'an city: interaction between banks and taxation bureau helps enterprises' development

2021-05-31    JL.gov

Since the beginning of this year, the Ji'an Taxation Bureau has given full play to the exemplary and incentive role of honest tax payment and helped micro and small-sized enterprises convert tax credit into financing credit, enabling them to obtain credit loans without mortgages and guarantees, effectively alleviating their financing problems and fully boosting their rapid development.
The Ji'an Taxation Bureau signed the "Bank-Tax Interaction" cooperation agreement with five banks including Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China and Bank of Jilin and launched seven related financial products. Enterprises can apply for loans on the bank-tax interaction service platform. After being authorized by the enterprise, the bank obtains the tax-related data of the enterprise through the platform and conducts loan examination and lending, which not only facilitates the enterprise, but also simplifies the procedures and reduces the manual intervention, thus lowering the bank service cost and meeting the financing needs of micro and small-sized enterprises at different levels and in different scenarios. To date, the work of "Bank-Tax Interaction" has provided loans totaling 144.377 million yuan to 93 enterprises in Ji 'an.