Yanji Customs supports development of foreign trade enterprises

2021-05-26    JL.gov

As the "guardian" of foreign trade in Yanbian region, Yanji Customs has been helping local enterprises to "go global" and "bring in", seizing opportunities based on local industrial characteristics, and making contributions to promoting the export of local products, the growth of business forms, as well as the high-level opening up and high-quality development.
In recent years, Yanji Customs has continued to improve the work process and implemented classified management and supervision mode for all export wood products enterprises under its jurisdiction, greatly reducing the inspection and approval rate of enterprises. Meanwhile, the customs has actively used the "Internet" platform to make enterprises complete all procedures for a number of customs businesses online without the need to be physically present. With the increasing demand of overseas markets for wood products consumption, Yanji Customs has encouraged and supported enterprises to adjust their market positioning and technological innovation. According to Deputy Director of Yanji Customs Jin Kuihao, the custom will strive for tariff cuts for the import of production line equipment that meet the requirements. It is hoped that through the deep cultivation of services, enterprises can start from the source, comprehensively improve the quality of products and constantly gain new market shares.
According to customs data, the import and export trade volume of Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture in the first four months was 4.08 billion yuan, up 5.1 percent year on year. This is especially encouraging for foreign trade enterprises in the region, as it is a sign of comprehensive recovery.