Jilin Oilfield sets a new record of "largest onshore oil production platform in Asia"

2021-05-26    JL.gov

Seven years ago, Jilin Oilfield won the title of "Asia's largest onshore oil production platform" with 48 wells built on a single platform. On May 10, Jilin Oilfield again set a new record of "the largest onshore oil production platform in Asia" with 77 wells built on No.16 platform.
In November 2014, the first well of No.1 platform in Xinli block III officially started drilling. In a short period of 8 months, all 48 oil-water wells on the platform were formally put into production. At the present time, the average oil production per well of a large platform in Xinli block III can still reach 1.25 tons, higher than the level of conventional construction.
Jilin Oilfield has relied on its own low-cost Internet of Things technology to build an intelligent management model. By using big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, AR/VR and other technologies, the company has established the integrated digital management mode of well, cross-well and station to realize the optimal operation of its production system and to increase production efficiency by more than 25 percent.
The efficiency-oriented construction mode of intensive large platform is a successful embodiment of Jilin Oilfield continuously exploiting the potential of old oil fields and expanding the space of improving quality and efficiency. Jilin Oilfield is speeding up the transformation from "production-oriented" to "operation-oriented".