Over half of key industrial projects in Yanbian start and resume construction

2021-04-28    JL.gov

Since the beginning of the year, Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture has continued to speed up the construction of industrial projects, and over half of key industrial projects scheduled for implementation this year have started and resumed construction.
In the process of promoting industrial project construction, Yanbian has established a base of key projects with basic information including the start and completion time, investment amount, main content and construction location and has launched a monthly scheduling and quarterly analysis system for key projects. For those projects that fail to start (resume) work as planned, the reasons shall be checked one by one and then provide targeted services. The prefecture has stablished and improved the vertical and horizontal coordinated promotion mechanism for projects and has solved project problems in all respects through multiple channels. Establish the coordinated promotion mechanism for industrial projects with the joint efforts of authorities at the prefectural and county levels, and build the green channel to coordinately solve problems and difficulties in industrial project construction timely. The prefecture has also established and improved the guarantee service mechanism, assigned the whole-process services of projects to specific person and formulated the promotion plan for industrial projects with prefectural leaders' guarantee. The prefecture and counties (county-level cities) have assigned special personnel to provide services for major 100-million-level projects in the way of cooperative guarantee and hierarchical implementation and speeded up the construction of projects with extraordinary measures for early start, early completion and early results. 
By the end of March, 49 of the 88 key industrial projects planned for this year had started and resumed construction, with a total investment of 110 million yuan. 19 projects started construction, such as Yanji 5G Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, Helong Herunda Garment Industrial Park Phase II and Dunhua Hexin Medical Devices. 30 projects resumed construction, such as Yanji Guotai New Energy Vehicle, Antu Connell Mineral Water and Wangqing Haoji Janghuaxiang 10-billion-level Food Industrial Park Phase II. Dunhua Asymchem 241-ton Raw Materials and Pharmaceutical Intermediates Project and Haoji Organic Soy Sauce Production Project completed construction and went into service, with an added output value of 60 million yuan.