Swift action to deal with cold wave and low temperature

2021-01-11    JL.gov

Affected by the strong cold air from Lake Baikal, the temperature in Jilin province has dropped continuously. On the morning of January 7, the provincial meteorological authority issued a blue alert for a cold wave. Facing the cold wave and low temperature, all parts of the province have attached great importance to it and have taken swiftly action to ensure the safe and smooth flow of traffic, the production and life in urban and rural areas, as well as people's safety and warmth in winter with all-out efforts. 

Jilin city has formulated an emergency plan to ensure work safety, strengthened protected agriculture management to prevent the frost damage to greenhouses and improved people's awareness and ability to deal with the drastic temperature drop, minimizing the loss. The city has also ensured the safety of power supply.
Siping city has urgently rolled out an emergency plan and cleared snow to guarantee heating and to ensure people's normal order of work and life. Departments of water supply, power supply, gas supply and communications at all levels have set up emergency repair groups to inspect and maintain their facilities, so as to ensure the normal operation of lines and pipe networks.
Liaoyuan city has attached great importance to the cold air. To ensure the normal water use for citizens, Liaoyuan Water Group has carried out a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of water supply pipelines, pumps and electromechanical equipment in advance and has conducted winter protection work on water supply facilities in some residential communities.
Tonghua city has made every effort to ensure the reliability service of the power grid and the power use for electricity customers. State Grid Tonghua Electric Power has sent professionals to carry out potential risks identification and treatment, as well as temperature measurement for 137 substations and 140 transmission lines and distribution lines.