Foreign friends' New Year trip to Jilin opens door for overseas dissemination of Jilin cultural tourism


On the occasion of New Year 2021, the Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism organized more than 60 foreign tourism talents, students and teachers from 22 countries in the province to hold a cultural tourism exchange and promotion event, triggering a boom in the overseas dissemination of Jilin ice and snow cultural tourism.

Taking the 5th Jilin Snow and Ice Industry Expo as the starting point, the foreign tourism talents deeply experienced Jilin's signature ice and snow products such as Luneng Resort, Lushui River and Changbai Mountain, understood the development of Jilin's ice and snow industry and felt the charm and passion of Jilin's powder snow base and winter sports. The foreign friends' sharing and exchange meeting gathered Peking Opera, calligraphy and other traditional culture and intangible cultural heritage preservation items beloved by foreigners and highlighted the advantages and characteristics of Jilin cultural tourism through tourism experience sharing, cultural interaction and communication, as well as integration and promotion of culture and tourism. Over 50 tweets were sent by the tourism talents to Facebook, Twitter and other new media platforms at home and abroad. 47 overseas media reported on the event simultaneously. In the bustling business districts of Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Berlin, the promotional video of the event was played for 45 times. The Phoenix Zone runs Jilin feature films every day throughout the year, with a total of more than 75 million overseas views.