Longpu Highway: create a green channel for traffic and tourism integration

2020-11-20    JL.gov

The Longpu Highway starts from Longjing city of Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture by way of Helong city, Changbai Mountain Scenic Area and Antu county and ends at Dapuchaihe town of Dunhua city. It connects the Dapuchaihe-Changchun Highway which is under construction and intersects with the Hegang-Dalian Highway, with a total length of 134.166 km, 35 bridges and 8 service areas and toll booths. At the same time, 13.744-km-long linking-up road is built.

The Longpu Highway squares with the tourism industry and will facilitate people to visit the Changbai Mountain Scenic Area after being completed. By taking advantages of the original topography and native vegetation landscape and adopting methods such as micro-topography construction and eco-restoration technology, the highway builds an ecological axis, establishes two cores of tourism services development based on Tianchi Service Area and Gudong River Service Area and forms multiple nodes with local characteristics, such as toll booth, interchange area and service area, fully demonstrating the characteristic landscape, local conditions and customs, as well as folk culture of Changbai Mountain area.