Yanbian vigorously implements intellectual property strategy to promote high-quality economic development

2020-11-19    JL.gov

In recent years, Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture has made great efforts to build itself into a strong prefecture with intellectual property rights, to improve the creation quality, application efficiency, protection effect, management level and service ability of intellectual property and to comprehensively promote high-quality economic and social development.

Since the establishment of the Yanbian trademark-service window of the National Intellectual Property Administration in May 2017, Yanbian has actively promoted trademark services to be accessed via one website and has realized the same-day application and acceptance of trademark registration in accordance with the minimum cost standard stipulated by the state. To date, Yanbian has expanded its trademark services to 24 items and has won four Chinese Patent Excellence Awards, five gold awards of the National Invention Exhibition and seven Jilin Province Patent Awards.
Focusing on key competitive industries, Yanbian has actively guided well-known trademark brands to apply for international trademark registration in South Korea, Japan, the United States, Australia and other countries. Up to now, five trademarks have successfully obtained the Madrid International Trademark Registration Certificate and the US Trademark Registration Confirmation. Meanwhile, Yanbian has also given full play to the role of Yanbian workstation of Jilin Patent Information Service Center and has organized to apply for nearly 20 national and provincial patent projects by focusing on the transformation of high-value patents, with more than 4 million yuan of project funds. 731 patents of 127 enterprises have been insured with a total amount of 680,000 yuan.