Siping city improves business environment with solid outcomes


Siping city has realized that the time needed to start a business does not exceed 6 hours and the approval time does not exceed 2 hours after materials submitted by business founders pass the real-name authentication and signature and has helped businesses complete one-stop start-up procedures and related licensing procedures. 

Siping city has deepened the reform of "streamlining the government, delegating power, and improving government services" and the reform of "without the need for a second visit", worked to complete all procedures for starting a business online, further relaxed location restrictions on business registration applying to micro and small enterprises and self-employed people and strongly supported the restoration of the number of newly registered market entities to the same level of previous years. The actual number of market entities in the whole city has reached 203,417. Siping has also streamlined administrative procedures and improved work efficiency and has realized the simultaneous processing of permits and business licenses for food market entities without on-site verification, the simultaneous processing of four permits for medical device businesses and the simultaneous processing of business licenses and the three administrative permits of the Siping Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Emergency Management Bureau, saving the working time of market entities. In the first three quarters of this year, the city issued 8,745 permits in such fields as food, drug and special equipment. Siping has made great efforts to promote the transformation of individually-owned businesses and has helped local businesses obtain a total of 576,000 yuan in trademark and patent subsidies.