Build powerful engines for Jilin’s auto industry development


In the first half of 2020, against the backdrop of overall decline of the automobile industry, China FAW Group produced a total of 1,622,300 vehicles, up 1.5 percent year on year and sold 1,630,900 vehicles, up 2.3 percent. Among its various brands, the group produced 69,800 of Hongqi cars with a year-on-year increase of 89.5 percent year on year and sold 70,000 vehicles with an increase of 110.7 percent, demonstrating "Hongqi speed", "Hongqi quality" and "Hongqi spirit".

The new factory project of FAW Hongqi for new energy vehicles, new energy and intelligent connection network innovation base project of FAW’s R&D institute, Jiefang J7 intelligent factory project and other major projects have settled in and accelerated their construction. Jilin province has broken into a sprint in fully supporting the automobile industry. 
In the environment that many industries have been affected by the epidemic this year, the automobile industry, as the pillar of the provincial industrial economy, achieved a year-on-year increase of 9.2 percent in value addition in the first half year and boosted the industrial economy with a growth rate of 4.1 percentage points. In June, FAW's automobile output rose by 50.7 percent, increasing its national share by 2.9 percentage points over the previous year. 
While developing industrial projects, the Changchun International Auto City is also making great efforts to promote the construction of urban functions. The Hongqi International Town project, upgrade and reconstruction project of Dongfeng Street, 5G facilities and intelligent connection network facilities have been arranged simultaneously. Since this year, 63 projects for infrastructure and urban upgrade have been planned and promoted, with a total investment of 3.45 billion yuan. The construction of EGO Digital Economy Industrial Park with an investment of 7 billion yuan has started. The feasibility study and preliminary design of apartment buildings have been in progress. The Hongqi Innovation Tower has been successfully put into service. The extension project of Qiche Road has been completed and opened to traffic. In addition, a number of key projects have comprehensively started their construction, including the extension section of New Hongqi Street, ecological governance project of Xihu Park, booster pump station project for regional water supply, etc. Greening improvement in key areas such as the Fourth Ring Road on the west and Fumin Street has achieved initial results.  
Based on the research and development via the Jiefang J7 platform, the L2 mass-production self-driving commercial truck, as the world's first product, has been put on the market. The product has four core technologies—lane keeping technology, intelligent cruise control technology, intelligent brake technology and vehicular networking technology which can realize partial automatic control function of vehicles.
FAW Qiming and Huawei together released the joint solution of "vehicle-road coordination". The solution has fully supported the development of Internet of Vehicles and smart vehicles with the integration design and has realized the connectivity of road infrastructure, smart vehicles, operation service, traffic safety management, traffic control system and other information via the integrated vehicle-network cloud digital platform. 
With the vigorous promotion of Jilin province, the 2020 China-Germany Auto Congress will be held in Changchun to discuss the development trend of automobile industries of China and Germany in the current situation and to explore new opportunities for cooperation, further accelerating the development process of "new four modernizations" of the province’s automobile industry.