Jilin Provincial Medical Products Administration launches a special action to benefit enterprises

2020-10-09    JL.gov

The Jilin Provincial Medical Products Administration launches a five-month special action to benefit enterprises, which will effectively boost the healthy and sustainable development of the province's pharmaceutical industry.

With the focus of laws on pharmaceutical administration and vaccine management, as well as regulations on supervision and administration of medical devices and cosmetics, the medical products administration is to establish an information sharing platform to inform enterprises of the regulatory policies, regulations, systems and measures newly issued by the state and provincial medical products administration, so as to effectively enable enterprises to learn and master preferential policies, regulation and measures in a timely manner. Focusing on registration, production, wholesale (retail chain headquarters), online sales license on the third-party platform, filing and inspection, the administration is to establish a consulting and answering mechanism, so as to ensure that enterprises can get answers to the questions which they meet in the handling procedures of related matters in a timely manner. The administration is also to set up four steering groups to support the healthy development of enterprises in the fields of pharmaceutical production registration, medicine distribution, medical equipment production registration and cosmetics production record. The four groups will conduct training, consultation, Q&A and regular on-site guidance services for drug manufacturers, drug wholesale enterprises and online third-party sellers, medical device manufacturers and cosmetics manufacturers respectively.