From Jan to Sept, freight volume of China-Europe train in Jilin province exceeds 100,000 tons


As of September 7, the import and export freight volume of China-Europe train in Jilin province has exceeded 100,000 tons with a year-on-year increase of 54.52 percent, including 19,400 tons for imports and 85,900 tons for exports. 

At present, there are eleven outbound and seven inbound China-Europe freight train services in the province every month on average, serving nearly 3,000 companies, carrying more than 2,000 kinds of goods and exporting products from 17 provinces, cities and regions. The outbound cargo categories mainly include electronic products, clothing, shoes & hats, automobiles & auto parts, daily necessities and household appliances, and the inbound cargo categories mainly include sheet materials, auto parts, machinery, chemicals, drinks and food. Jilin has preliminarily become a multimodal transport hub in Northeast Asia. 
To date, China-Europe freight train in the province has linked more than 80 railway stations in Russia and 30 railway stations in ten European countries. Jilin has initially formed its international advantages of physical channel, service channel and information channel and gradually built itself into a most important logistics hub node covering the whole of Northeast Asia. It has also laid a foundation for the future international investment promotion of the province and provided more abundant, fast and affordable consumption choices for people in the province and even in Northeast Asia.