Jilin province’s foreign trade companies buck the trend with growth

2020-09-16    JL.gov

Since the beginning of the year, to keep the foreign trade stable, the Jilin customs authorities has carried out a number of beneficial attempts for local foreign trade companies, which have achieved remarkable results so far. According to customs data, the total import and export value of the province reached 62.19 billion yuan in the first half of the year, including 14.68 billion yuan for exports and 47.51 billion yuan for imports. 

Zhang Jinlong, head of Jilin Meihua Amino Acid Co Ltd, said that the company's products are very popular in the EU, ASEAN, Latin America and other markets, and after resuming production, the company's production line has been operating at full capacity. Meihua amino acid project is a key project of corn deep processing in the province with a total investment of 10 billion yuan, which can process 3 million tons of corn every year. Since the first phase of the project went into operation in 2019, production and export have been progressing steadily. As a "young" foreign trade company under the jurisdiction of Baicheng Customs House subordinate to Changchun Customs District, Jilin Meihua Amino Acid Co Ltd has enjoyed many high-quality customs services in its growth. "In April, we reported to the customs that there were too many batches and too much time taken for testing the content of product ingredients involved in the certificate of quality, and Baicheng Customs swiftly coordinated to solve the problem by cutting the time for obtaining the certificate of quality from the original 10 days to the same day when we applied for inspection and quarantine," Zhang Jinlong said.
In addition to helping companies improve the customs clearance efficiency, Baicheng Customs specially launched a new mode of "credit visa" for certificates of origin during the epidemic period, whereby companies could self-print their certificates of origin issued by the custom. In the first half of the year, Jilin Meihua Amino Acid Co Ltd exported nearly 100,000 tons of products, over four times higher than the same period last year.
There are abundant forest resources at the foot of Changbai Mountain. With the advanced technology and affordable price, the products of local wood products processing companies have been exported to many countries and regions overseas. During the epidemic period, Linjiang Customs House subordinate to Changchun Customs District established a mechanism for real-time communication and feedback and carried out the "one company, one policy" support activity to help wood products companies under its jurisdiction race against time and reduce costs. Before the New Year, Linjiang Customs inspected Jilin Zhongjia Ice Cream Stick Manufacturing Co Ltd which exports 80 percent of its products to Japan and suggested that the company guarantee raw materials and reserve product inventories in advance. With the suggestions, Jilin Zhongjia took the lead in resuming production with its advantage of sufficient reserves of raw materials. Meanwhile, Linjiang Customs also provided remote guidance for companies to go through customs clearance procedures efficiently and dispatched officials to explain preferential policies for the export of wood products. With the certificate of origin issued by the customs, a local company saved more than US$100,000 in tariff of the importing country.
According to the public data, Linjiang Customs issued a total of 362 certificates for wood products in the first half of the year, including 94 certificates for inspection and quarantine in English.