Jilin province qualified to apply for parallel-import auto business pilot program

2020-09-16    JL.gov

Recently, the supervision of Jilin province’s 1,000 imported Audi vehicles has been completed. At present, this batch of vehicles is stored in the Changchun Xinglong Comprehensive Bonded Zone with the whole country as its sales area, and 809 of those have been released from the zone. 

The 1,000 imported vehicles this time are all medium size vehicles of Audi models such as A6AR, A7, Q7 and Q8, and all of them are transported by the China-Europe (Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe) freight train. Loaded with 500 forty-foot equivalent units (FEUs) in 12 batches, the freight train left from the Bremen Port in Germany on July 7 and arrived in Changchun after an eight-week trip. The cargo weight of this trip was 2,208 tons and the total value exceeded 249 million yuan. 
According to the opinions jointly issued by the Ministry of Commerce and other departments on further promoting the development of auto parallel imports, if the annual import quantity of vehicles reaches 1,000 at the vehicle import port approved by the State Council, relevant policies on parallel-import cars can be implemented after submitting relevant work plans, so as to realize the normalization and institutionalization of auto parallel imports.