Tonghua city makes every effort to improve business environment


To comprehensively deepen reform on the basis of improving the business environment, Tonghua city incorporates the business environment optimization into the top ten action plans on accelerating the green transformation and comprehensive revitalization of Tonghua in the new era and rolls out 100 regulations on optimizing the business environment, 106 tasks and 273 specific measures. With the implementation of the 10 action plans, Tonghua is to strengthen its government services brand and create a friendly and sound business environment.

The city establishes a support system for equal acceptance to achieve services access with outcome organization via the application of multiple channels and platforms including computer terminal, mobile terminal and self-service terminal, to achieve personnel access via the separation of supervision and day-to-day operations, digital operation and visual presentation and to achieve one number access via the establishment of "12345" platform for people’s consultations, complaints and reports. The city further reduces the processing time of approval, and the average processing time of major approval items is cut by more than 75 percent compared with the legal processing time. In addition, the city establishes a working mechanism to serve enterprises and sets up an online video platform for government services, as well as a platform for remote expert evaluation.  
Tonghua city upgrades the service station for vehicle driving and management with the tripartite linkage of traffic police, insurance and tax collection, and the whole process of insuring, paying taxes and licensing plates of new domestic vehicles only takes 30 minutes. The Municipal Traffic Police Department and the Postal Savings Bank of China jointly create a service mode to make driving license matters handled at multiple and nearby spots. The direct submission of evidentiary materials is minimized, and 346 evidence items of municipal-level administrative organs have been retained and 148 items have been cancelled so far. A new business card of "Credit Tonghua" is created, and the city’s credit comprehensive service platform and the credit portal website are officially put into operation. There is a comprehensive government services & big data center built and scheduled to go into service in 2021, integrating the administrative services of one city, two districts and fifteen departments for "one-stop service".