Jilin province to carry out quality improvement action in ten key areas

2020-08-01    JL.gov

On the morning of July 30, the Information Office of the Jilin Provincial Government held a press conference to provide quality standard support for the all-round revitalization of Jilin province. Recently, the province issued and printed the Implementation Plan for Quality Standard Improvement Action and High-quality Development (2020-2022) which said that the province is to carry out quality improvement action in 10 key areas, including agricultural products, manufacturing industry, consumer goods, food, drugs, export products, small and medium enterprises, service industry, construction projects and environment. By 2022, the provincial standards will have been upgraded, and 13 quantitative targets reflecting the quality improvement of provincial products, services, construction projects and environment will have been achieved.         
According to the plan, the standardization strategy should be deeply implemented in terms of improving the standardized working system and mechanism, optimizing the supply structure of advanced standard system and strengthening the implementation, supervision and evaluation of standards. The plan put forward four tasks including consolidating the foundation for metrology development, improving the public service platforms for standards and intellectual property, strengthening the guarantee role of certification and promoting the construction of inspection and testing system to improve the guarantee capability of quality basic services. Efforts should be made to improve the incentive mechanism for quality development and the supervision mechanism for quality safety, to innovate the promotion mechanism for strengthening cities (counties) with strong quality and to establish the social co-governance mechanism for quality development, so as to further foster synergy in promoting quality development.
The plan urged to establish and improve a new Jilin standard system with international standards as the guide, national, industrial and local standards as the basis, group and enterprise standards as the mainstay, so as to achieve high quality with high standards. 
The plan also put forward the building of NQI (national quality infrastructure) highland in Northeast China and the establishment of a public service platform integrating quality inspection and testing, standard techniques, measurement and detection, product certification and personnel training, so as to accelerate the improvement of quality infrastructure construction level of Jilin province.