Tonghua city makes continuous efforts to optimize business environment


This year, Tonghua city implements the Enterprise Service Optimization Project to create a better business environment for enterprises and to support the high-quality development of the private sector. 

The city carries out legal assistance services and answers the legal questions of enterprises online in real time. Establish and improve the punitive compensation mechanism for intellectual property infringement cases and launch comprehensive services for patent and intellectual property protection, so as to realize the efficient connection between judicial protection and administrative protection. Expand the talent pool and gather high-level professionals. According to the division of duties, all government departments provide convenient services for talents’ permanent household registration, as well as their children's education, spouse employment and medical insurance. Grant greater autonomy to research institutions and researchers and further optimize the talent service mechanism for the flow of high-level talents in all walks of life. In the field of engineering construction, the whole-process assistance services are launched to help project units customize the approval process guidance chart.
Expand the loan share of private enterprises, especially micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and give full play to the inter-connected advantages of government service platforms to promote the financing of the suppliers of MSMEs. Enterprises newly recognized as Chinese well-known trademark and the China Quality Award in the current year will be awarded with 500,000 yuan. Small and micro enterprises that pledge their trademarks as collateral for loans will be given 10% of the actual interest of loans as risk compensation funds, up to 300,000 yuan per household per year. Small and micro enterprises that pledge their patents as collateral for financing with an amount of 3 million yuan or more will be subsidized 50% of the total loan interest and patent evaluation fee at one time, up to 200,000 yuan. Small and micro enterprises that apply for tax loans will be subsidized 50% of the actual loan interest, up to 100,000 yuan per household per year. Eligible small and micro enterprises can enjoy start-up loans up to 4 million yuan with full discount interest for three years. Small and micro enterprises that recruit jobseekers facing difficulties and college graduates with labor contracts signed with a term of more than one year and make full contributions to social insurance payments will be provided with social insurance subsidies according to the actual number of recruits. Encourage policy financing guarantee agencies to lower the guarantee fee rate, and the average guarantee fee rate of policy financing guarantee agencies across the city will be cut to less than 1.5%. Reduce financing costs for small and micro enterprises, share risks with banks and promote the development of small and micro enterprises, so as to achieve a win-win situation between government, enterprise and bank, to create a better business environment and to boost the development of enterprises.