Jing Junhai: expedite the construction of the ecosystem of electronic information industry to inject new impetus into the new path of revitalization and development

2020-06-29    JL.gov

On June 28, Jing Junhai, deputy secretary of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and governor of the province, presided over a special meeting of the provincial government to study and make plans for the development of electronic information industry. 
At the meeting, heads the Provincial Industry and Information Technology Department and the Provincial Communications Administration reported on their work. Businesses owners and heads of research institutes such as FAW, Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics of CAS, Huawei, Digital China, iFlytek, Qiming Information, Sino-Microelectronics, Visteon, Cedar Electronics and Jishi Media delivered a speech respectively. Jing Junhai exchanged views with the participants and discussed transformation trends to meet the needs of enterprises and make plans for development. 
Stressing the rapid development of information technology revolution, Jing Junhai said that it is necessary to deploy the innovation chain around the industrial chain and lay out the industrial chain around the innovation chain to improve the overall competitiveness of the electronic information industry. Seize the opportunities of digital, internet-based and intelligent integration development, give full play to the province’s advantages, strengthen the integration and innovation with traditional industries, deepen the connection and cooperation with electronic information enterprises, and create new business forms, new models and new economy in an integrated way. Accelerate the development of leading industries such as automotive electronics, integrated circuits, display lighting, remote sensing satellites and industrial internet, and improve the capacity of independent R&D as well as market share. The upstream electronic materials should improve the industrial chain, the midstream electronic components should extend the industrial chain, and the downstream hardware, software and information services should strengthen the industrial chain. Give full play to the role of key platforms, parks and enterprises, build application scenarios such as digital economy and online celebrity economy, and promote digital industrialization and industrial digitization. Deepen the "Five Cooperations", strengthen the investment attraction, expedite the planning and construction of projects, and promote the development of industrial clusters. Make efforts to introduce talents to step up breakthroughs in core technologies. Adhere to the leading of planning, strengthen policy support, better ensure information security and meet the needs of industrial development to the maximum extent.