Jing Junhai: support the listing, financing and high-quality development of enterprises

2020-06-29    JL.gov

On June 24, Jing Junhai, deputy secretary of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and governor of the province, presided over a symposium of the whole province on promoting the listing. He exchanged views with business owners face to face, discussed development trends in depth, studied and solved specific problems.
Finance is the lifeblood of the economy and enterprises are the entities of the market, Jing Junhai called for efforts to support and expand the listed enterprise team, as well as to improve the capability of resource allocation. Grasp the window period of combined opportunities to accelerate the listing and financing of enterprises. Support eligible enterprises to go public on a priority basis to attract core and leading businesses to settle down. Focus on key industries, fields and regions, further enrich and optimize the industrial structure of listed enterprises, and synchronously make efforts in the mainboard, SME board, growth enterprise market, sci-tech innovation board and overseas listing. Beef up support for the fiscal, tax, financial system and guarantees for protection factors to ensure the bottom line of risk. Step  up overall planning and coordination, improve the business environment and create a positive atmosphere for enterprises to go public.