Jing Junhai: uphold ecological conservation and economic development to draw strength from each other

2020-06-27    JL.gov

On June 23, Jing Junhai, deputy secretary of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and governor of the province, presided over a special meeting of the provincial government to study and dispatch the implementation of the development plan for the western ecological economic belt in the northeastern region.

Jing Junhai stressed that it is necessary to follow the national policy direction, focus on the development of circular economies and green industries, and promote the functions to connect with the 14th Five-Year Plan, the building of the central, eastern and western regions, as well as the industrial spatial layout of "one pillar, six doubles". Jing called for efforts to strengthen ecological conservation and restoration, to plant large numbers of trees in the western region, to connect rivers and lakes, and to form a network of forests, so that a sound ecological environment for human settlements and agricultural development will be formed. He said favorable conditions for the implementation of the plan should be created through promoting the coordinated development between the eastern and western regions, deepening the reform in key areas and persistently optimizing the business environment. He also said the establishment of mechanisms for well-coordinated control efforts, connection between regions and follow-up supervision is necessary for the orderly progress of work with effective results.