Announcement to International Travelers on Cost Bearing Mechanism during Centralized Quarantine and Hospitalized for Treatment


In order to effectively prevent and control the imported coronavirus case from abroad and protect the health and safety of the Chinese people, according to the Law of the people's Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases and the requirements of the working mechanism of the State Council in response to the joint prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic situation, the information on cost bearing mechanism during centralized isolation and after diagnosis of international traveler to Jilin Province is hereby announced as follows,
I. the cost of food and accommodation during the centralized isolation period.
During the period of centralized isolation, the expenses of food and accommodation shall be borne by the international traveler himself. The fee shall be reasonable, affordable and relevant to the same period last year. It will be announced to the public after calculation. The local administration can make exemptions or reductions on cost to those with real difficulties which will required one-on-one investigation and evaluation.
II. Medical expense of international traveler after diagnosed positive.
1. For those having health insurance, after the medical expenses are paid by basic medical insurance, severe illness insurance, and medical assistance, etc., the excess will be subsidized by the government.
2. For those without health insurance, the patient should be admitted to medical institutions for treatment and then to be charged of medical expenses, which in principle would be borne by the patient himself.
3. For those with commercial health insurance, the commercial insurance company shall pay in time according to the contract.
4. For people in need, medical assistance shall be provided in accordance with laws and regulations such as the Law on Prevention and treatment of Infectious Diseases, and medical expenses shall be reduced.
5. The expenses incurred during the period of stay in hospital for observation shall, in principle, be borne by individuals, and if they meet the provisions of basic medical insurance, they shall be paid in accordance with the provisions.
III. Fees such as personnel transfer, nucleic acid testing, lung CT examination, etc., during centralized isolation.
   Local health administrations are responsible for personnel transfer and nucleic acid testing free of charge.
IV. If falsely report information and conceal illness, the person will be investigated for responsibility in accordance with the rules and regulations and incorporated into the credit information system. All expenses incurred will be borne by the individual.
V. this announcement will be taken effect as of 00: 00 on March 21, 2020.