Jilin Provincial Market Regulation Department rolls out policies and measures to support the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises amid epidemic

2020-03-20    JL.gov

In order to support the operation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises amid epidemic outbreak, the Jilin Provincial Market Regulation Department rolls out policies and measures as follows: 
Promote the "online processing, no face-to-face meeting" service for the whole registration process. Market entities can login to the e-window system of Jilin province, and then handle matters online such as registration of incorporation, modification and cancellation. Launch paperless, standardized and digitalized services to achieve the goal of "no meet, no visit and no charge fee" for the registration of market entities in the province. Provide efficient and high-quality services by postal delivery, telephone consultation and other ways.
Provide appointment and internet processing services to the applications for production permit of important industrial products, special equipment license, metrology certification, quality certification of inspection and testing institutions, food production and business license, dietary supplement advertising approval, drug inspection & approval and medical devices. Open up a green channel for the administrative approval related to the production and operation of anti-epidemic materials.
Provide cluster registration services for industrial parks, industrial parks, industrial concentration districts, entrepreneurship bases and other enterprise gathering places, and allow "two or more companies to register at the same address" to further relax the registration conditions for the market entity address (site for business operation).   
For the enterprises in Jilin province needing fast-track authorization of patent applications related to the COVID-19 prevention and treatment, immediately audit and recommend to the Patent Examination Department of the National Intellectual Property Administration with follow-up services. 
Support key producers of anti-epidemic materials to resume work and production. For the enterprises engaged in the production and operation of masks, protective suits, disinfectants, food & drugs, and the institutions engaged in the research and development of anti-epidemic materials with hard work on fulfilling their social responsibilities amid epidemic, give priority to the recommendation of the China Quality Award and the evaluation of the Jilin Quality Award.   
Free charge of product quality inspection and testing. For the newly added and switched products such as hand sanitizer, soap, tableware detergent, wet tissues and paper towels produced by the enterprises in Jilin province are free of charge. Meanwhile, relevant producers can apply for product quality inspection via the official website and the Taobao store of the Jilin Provincial Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute without on-site inspection. Provide online consultation services in terms of assisting enterprises in detailed explanation of standards, mastering testing technology, etc.
Open up a green channel for commodity barcode application. Help the producers of anti-epidemic materials apply for barcode numbers and other related matters via the online service hall of GS1 China, and provide the online service of inquiring international and national industry standards for free.
Give full play to the role of financing platform for chattel mortgage, equity pledge and intellectual property pledge, provide unified, convenient and efficient financing services, and expand the scope and types of chattel mortgage registrations amid epidemic to help the enterprises which suspend production due to a shortage of funds go into operation as soon as possible.
The above policies and measures go into effect on the day of promulgation till the end of epidemic. The Jilin Provincial Market Regulation Department is responsible for the explanation of the above policies.