Emergency management system of Jilin province ensures the safe work resumption of enterprises with all-out efforts

2020-03-19    JL.gov

The Jilin Provincial Emergency Management Department rolls out 10 safety precautions to support enterprises to resume work and production during epidemic prevention and control period. The department also rolls out specific measures jointly with the Jilin Provincial Finance Department and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission Jilin Bureau to support the enterprises covered by safety production liability insurance in response to COVID-19 epidemic, so as to help them resume work and production in a safe and orderly manner. 
Jilin province has established a safety risk prevention mechanism with expert participation to improve safety risk prevention capability in the whole province by giving full play to the role of experts in the risk and hidden danger inspection, accident and disaster prevention, as well as disaster prevention, reduction and relief. There have been 772 experts in the expert database of emergency management in Jilin province. The recruitment of the first-term emergency management experts prefers to the managers and technicians from the front line of enterprises with more than 10 years of working experience in related industries and strong abilities to find, analyze and solve problems on site.