Jilin province launches the "人人有码 码上行动" health code system in key public spaces

2020-03-19    JL.gov

The office of leading group of Jilin province on VOCID-19 epidemic prevention and control launched the "人人有码 码上行动" health code system on March 15, 2020 in key public spaces such as commercial premises, cultural tourism sites and administrative service halls. 
1, The scope of key public spaces includes administrative service halls at all levels, large shopping malls (shopping centers, department stores), gated pay parks (including zoos), supermarkets, farmers markets, hotels, restaurants, automobile distribution enterprises, public libraries, museums, cultural centers, art galleries, internet access services business sites, entertainment places, performance business units, A-level tourist sites, A-level rural tourism business units, industrial tourism demonstration sites, star-rated hot spring tourism enterprises, C-level self-driving RV camps, travel agencies and other public spaces with high personnel mobility & gathering features. 
2, The managers and the operators of key public spaces in the whole province can apply for permission of scanning the health QR code at their local authorities, and arrange their own scanning staff to master the relevant processes and standards, and then use the "码上行动" app to scan people’s health QR codes before entering the space. Post the "Jilin Provincial Online Administrative Service Hall" QR code in public spaces to lead people to the mini program registration in advance in order to get a "Jixiang code". To ensure relevant information quality tracing and avoid personnel congestion, people are required to show their personal "Jixiang code" before entering administrative service halls, commercial premises and cultural tourism sites, and then they can pass the scanning points with a green code and normal body temperature. For the commercial premises with large flow of people, scanning points can be distributed at spacious areas or independent business areas to achieve precise traceability. People within the control range of "人人有码、码上行动" should cooperate with the scanning of health QR codes. All staff working in the administrative service halls, commercial premises and cultural tourism sites must hold a green code. 
3, For those who refuse to cooperate, the managers and the operators of public places have the right to refuse their access. For those who forcibly enter, disturb the order of public places or cause serious consequences, the public security department will investigate their relevant legal liabilities according to the law.
4, Please visit http://www.jl.gov.cn/jxm/ for more information about "人人有码 码上行动" health code system such as work specification, operation guide, FAQ and online education.