"Three zeros" and the promotion of "Jixiang code" help enterprises smoothly resume work

2020-03-18    JL.gov

On March 16, the Information Office of the Jilin Provincial People’s Government held the 12th press conference on the work of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control of Jilin province. Qin Haitao, deputy director of Jilin Provincial Health Commission, and Jin Jun, deputy director of Jilin Provincial Government Service and Digital Bureau, respectively introduced the relevant situations of epidemic treatment and the promotion and application of "Jixiang code". Mu Kezhen, deputy director of Jilin Provincial Industry and Information Technology Department, answered reporters’ questions related to the work and production resumption in Jilin province.
In terms of epidemic prevention, the last confirmed case in Jilin province was cured and discharged from hospital on March 15. At present, the province has achieved "three zeros" of confirmed cases, suspected cases and close contacts. Although the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Jilin province is making sustained progress, it still faces certain risks and pressure. Next, Jilin province will strictly carry out fever screening, strengthen joint prevention & control and implement differentiated epidemic prevention and control strategies. 
In terms of the promotion and application of "Jixiang code", Jin Jun said that from March 15, Jilin province is to carry out personal "Jixiang code" scan system for people to enter key public spaces. Now, with the requirements of "one person, one code", all regions of Jilin province are speeding up the establishment of scan groups at all levels and of various types, and leading people to register and use "Jixiang code". As a personal health code during the epidemic prevention and control period, "Jixiang code" is widely promoted and used throughout Jilin province, so as to benefit people to go out and enterprises to resume work and production. In the future, the code can also be used as a personal "identity code" for people to handle matters online, enjoy the "digital government" services, and conveniently go out as well.     
In terms of resumption of work and production, enterprises in Jilin province have made relatively smooth progress, especially the industrial enterprises have achieved a higher resumption rate. As of March 15, 3034 industrial enterprises above designated size in the whole Jilin province, excluding seasonal and non-epidemic factors, have achieved a resumption rate of 99% with 81.4% of employees have returned to work. 500 key enterprises in the whole province have achieved a resumption rate of 97.6% with 488 resumed-work enterprises. Besides, the production capacity of protective materials in Jilin province has been significantly enhanced. The daily production capacity of N95 mask, disposable surgical mask and protective suit has increased to 30,000, 1,000,000 and 8,000 respectively.