Jilin Provincial Online Administrative Service Hall Service Introduction: the E-window System of Jilin Province Helps Enterprises Start Business

2020-03-18    JL.gov

The enterprise registration, which previously took several months to get business license, can now get the license in one day during the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control period by the way of "no face-to-face meet, no visit and no charge fee". This "Jilin speed" by the way of the e-window system deeply impresses a China-Germany joint venture, Changchun GRAMMER FAWSN Vehicle Parts Co Ltd, and also provides a strong guarantee for foreign-invested enterprises to set up and go into operation in Jilin province.

At the end of last December, the company submitted an application for the registration of incorporation via the e-window system. The application materials had been revised (the process of issuing relevant procedures on German side is complicated), and then finished the supplement and correction by the early February this year. With the formal implementation of the Foreign Investment Law of the People's Republic of China, there was a certain clash between this new law and the company’s original articles of association. The company was caught in a dilemma because it would take a long time to revise its articles of association. 
In recent years, significant changes have taken place in the market entity registration of Jilin province, from a few visits to "based on data, things done with one-time visit", and from on-site processing in the administrative service hall to "local, remote and global processing".  
The e-window system makes "paperless in the whole process, standardization procedure, digitalization license and humanization delivery" come true for the start-up enterprises in Jilin province, and makes the "online approvals without the need to be physically present" and "things done without exploiting personal connections" new normal. By the end of this February, the number of market entities in Jilin province had reached 2.4409 million, an increase of 7.81% year-on-year. The enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship has been on the rise. Applicants from 36 countries (regions) all over the world and 32 provinces (autonomous regions, cities) of China have remotely handled the enterprise registration via the e-window system.
As of March 13, 2020, the number of registered users of e-window system has reached 1.012 million, with 436,000 registration of incorporation of market entities and 357,000 registration of modification and cancellation.