Jilin Province Holds a Press Conference on Employment and Medical Security

2020-02-21    JL.gov

On February 18, Information Office of Jilin Provincial People’s Government held a press conference on employment, medical security and other livelihood issues. The heads of Jilin Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department and Jilin Provincial Healthcare Security Administration respectively introduced the relevant work during the epidemic prevention and control period in Jilin province. 
Make every effort to ensure a stable job market. Find out the truth in time to take the initiative for targeted work such as employment recruitment and skill training. Strengthen online employment services. Up to now, the public employment talent service agencies and operating human resources service agencies in Jilin province have updated 493,000 online job information and at the same time linked more than 800,000 job information outside Jilin province. Strengthen employment security for enterprises to resume work, establish a 24-hour employment dispatching guarantee mechanism for key enterprise, make clear the key enterprises lists, arrange experts for employment services, and encourage operating human resources service agencies to give priority to key enterprises. The employment monitoring of 1603 key enterprises in Jilin province shows that the production resumption rate of key enterprises in Jilin province reaches nearly 85%, and the labor demand basically meets the need.
Ease strains on the enterprises resuming work. Further increase the return of unemployment insurance funds, appropriately relax the approval standards, and include the insured enterprises affected by the epidemic into the scope of support. Coordinate and implement preferential policies such as one-time employment subsidies, one-time employment and entrepreneurship service subsidies, and comprehensively release policy bonuses.
Maintain the stability of labor relations. Make clear the policies and questions of labor relations in time during the special period such as overtime production, extension of holidays, pay packages of infected patients, suspected patients and close contacts who can’t work normally, labor relations and working hours. Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of both labor and management sides according to the law.