Bayanqolu Inspects and Guides the Epidemic Prevention and Control and the Production Resumption of Enterprises in Changchun


On the afternoon of February 17, Bayanqolu, secretary of the CPC Jilin provincial committee, went to Changchun to inspect and guide the work of the epidemic prevention and control and the production resumption of enterprises.
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, iFlytek Jilin company has been using AI and big data technologies to support the epidemic prevention and control work in Jilin province which has achieved notable outcomes. Bayanqolu visits the artificial intelligence base and learns about the video conferencing system, intelligent consultation, intelligent follow-up, intelligent medical assistant system, online teaching system and others independently developed by iFlytek. 
After the epidemic outbreak, Continental Automotive (Changchun) Co Ltd has lost no time starting the emergency prevention and control mechanism, disinfects the whole factory area, and strictly implements the epidemic prevention and control measures. At present, the production capacity has recovered more than 80%.
As an enterprise authorized by the government to operate data, Jilin Xiangyun Information Technology Co Ltd provides services such as government affair informationization, big data application system development and government affair data resource database construction for the governments at all levels in Jilin province through big data platform. With the support of network convergence, Jishi Media has built an automatically switched optical network covering the whole Jilin province. Relying on the advantages of broadcasting network resources, Jishi Media has integrated a technical platform supported by new technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Bayanqolu goes to these two enterprises to inspect the work resumption and operation situations.  
Wang Kai and Cai Dong respectively attend the relevant activities.