Make Efforts for the Epidemic Prevention and Control in the Front Line of Construction SitesThe Highway Projects in the Whole Jilin Province Resume Construction


Recently, while making efforts for the COVID-19 prevention and control work, the Jilin Provincial Transport Department has promoted the resume construction of projects in an orderly way, and further increased investment in traffic to ensure the completion of annual tasks.

With the coming of spring construction, the transport authorities at all levels and the impersonal entities of expressway will ensure that the participants of the projects under construction return to their workplaces in time and in advance, comprehensively accelerate the resumption of the projects under construction and push the beginning of the new projects as soon as possible. According to the specific situation of the projects, the construction will be resumed gradually by sections and division points. Five expressway projects including Dongshuang, Longpu, Changla, Shuangtao and Songtong with total 869 kilometers will be opened to traffic by the end of this year, so as to achieve the overall goal of basically completing the "Five-longitudinal & Three-horizontal" expressway network and basically forming the "industrial corrido of encircling Changchun-Siping-Liaoyuan-Jilin-Songyuan".