Jing Junhai Inspects and Guides the Work of the Epidemic Prevention and Control and Orderly Off-Peak Return Trips

2020-02-17    JL.gov

On February 16th, Jing Junhai, deputy secretary of the CPC Jilin provincial committee and governor of Jilin province, inspected and guided the COVID-19 prevention and control work and orderly off-peak return trips. Photo/Zou Naishuo
Changchun Kaixuanlu Passenger Station has opened some operating routes. Jing Junhai gets on a bus to check the work like disinfection, and inspects the ticket window, security check, monitoring and others. At Changchun railway station, Jing Junhai learns about the passenger flow of railways through video monitoring. He stresses strictly implementing various prevention and control measures, and ensure the normal operation of monitoring equipment to reduce the risk of epidemic transmission. He also goes to Changchun Longjia International Airport to emphasize the simplification of check-in service process and the guideline of dispersing passengers to avoid cross infection. Jing Junhai requires Jilin branch of China Southern Airlines to play the role of a base company to provide guarantee for the epidemic prevention and control and work resumption. Jing Junhai extends greetings to the transportation workers, volunteers and other prevention and control personnel fighting in the front line of the battle against the epidemic, encourages them to make further efforts, follow through and make more contributions, as well as strengthen protection to ensure their own safety.
At present, it is the key time node of Spring Festival travel rush and work resumption. The epidemic prevention and control work of public transportation operators such as airports, railway stations and passenger stations should ensure smooth travel and safety of passengers. Adhere to the use of technologies like big data and QR code, dynamically investigate and accurately monitor, so as to achieve prevention and control in place. Adhere to the principle of convenience and efficiency, optimize services and quick release, and realize the orderly connection of transportation, civil aviation, railway and others. Adhere to the principle of safety and reliability, and create good conditions for the scientific and orderly work resumption and the stable and healthy economic operation of companies. 
Hou Ximin, Zhang Zhijun, Liu Xin and Wang Zhihou respectively attend relevant activities.