Daily update on the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia in Jilin Province (Announced on March 8, 2020)

2020-03-08    JL.gov

From 00:00 to 24:00 on March 7, there’s no increase in coronavirus cases in Jilin province and a total number of 93 coronavirus cases have been confirmed and reported in the province. 90 have been cured and discharged from hospital, including 44 in Changchun, 14 in Siping, 7 in Liaoyuan, 6 in Gongzhuling, 5 in Jilin city, 5 in Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture, 5 in Tonghua, 2 in Songyuan, I in Baicheng and 1 in Meihekou. 1 death toll occurred in Siping.


There are 2 coronavirus cases under isolation and receiving treatment in hospital, including 1 in Changchun and 1 in Tonghua. Both cases are in mild condition. 3862 out of 3994 close contacts of the coronavirus cases have been released from medical observation while 132 are currently under isolated medical observation in designated places or at home. A total of 15 cases were confirmed by nucleic acid testing among close contacts.


From 00:00 to 24:00 on March 7, previous 2 suspected case were determined negative and there is no increase in suspected cases. All 3 existing suspected cases are under isolation treatment for further diagnosis texting.


It is now a time of intense labor’s returning to work and the mobility of people has increased. Residence should pay attention to and avoid going to crowded places. It is recommended to do a good job in personal protection, wash hands frequently, wear masks, go out less, and do not gather to protect the health of yourself and your family.


We’d like to remind you that if you are returning from the province or country where the epidemic occurred, you should take the initiative to go to the local community administration for screening and registration, and cooperate with professionals for medical observation. In case of showing the symptoms such as fever and cough, please go to see doctors at the local designated medical institutions.