Daily update on the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia in Jilin Province (Announced on February 28, 2020)

2020-02-28    JL.gov

From 00:00 to 24:00 on February 27, there’s no new confirmed case reported in the province. 3 cured and discharged from hospital (including 2 in Changchun and 1 in Gongzhuling).


As of 24:00 on February 27, a total of 93 confirmed cases have been reported in the province, 68 cured and discharged from hospital (35 in Changchun, 11 in Siping, 5 in Jilin, 5 in Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture, 5 in Gongzhuling, 2 in Songyuan, 2 in Tonghua, 2 in Liaoyuan and 1 in Meihekou), 1 death in Siping, and 24 confirmed cases have been isolated and treated in hospital. There were 10 cases in Changchun City, 3 cases in Siping City, 5 cases in Liaoyuan City, 1 case in Gongzhuling City, 4 cases in Tonghua City, and 1 case in Baicheng City.


Among the confirmed cases treated in hospital, 20 were ordinary cases, 1 was severe case (in Changchun), and 3 were critically ill cases (1 in Changchun, 1 in Baicheng, and 1 in Tonghua).Of the 3994 close contacts of the above confirmed cases, 215 are under isolation or home medical observation, and 3779 have been released from medical observation. And a total of 15 cases were confirmed from these close contacts by nucleic acid detection.


From 00:00 to 24:00 on February 27, 1 suspected case was excluded in the province. Among the 5 suspected cases, 3 were newly reported, all of which have been isolated and treated, and the diagnosis is being further confirmed.