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The province launched the signing and issuance of Electronic ordinary passports
2012/05/17     Source:

On May 15, in accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security, the province's public security authorities officially launched the signing and issuance of Electronic ordinary passports. On the morning, the provincial public security bureau held the launching ceremony of Electronic ordinary passports of Jilin Province. Vice Governor and Public Security Minister Ma Ming attended the ceremony and granted the province's first Electronic ordinary passport.

The province's first person who applied for and received the Electronic ordinary passport accepted a press interview on the site and gave a favorable comment to the high-quality, efficient and fast services of the public security exit-entry administration. The provincial exit-entry administration's official micro-blogging "Jilin exit-entry" live broadcasted the activity and achieved good social effects.

Electronic ordinary passports refer to embedding electronic chips in the traditional ordinary passports and storing new-type book-style documents containing the passport holders' biometrics including basic personal information, face and fingerprints in the chips. The launching of electronic ordinary passports marks that Chinese citizens' international travel documents march into a new all-digital era. Electronic ordinary passports have three characteristics. First, the anti-fake feature is more powerful as they can effectively prevent the occurrence of counterfeiting or altering passports to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the passport holders. Second, the picture design is more beautiful. Third, the exit-entry clearance is more convenient as they can provide a technical support for the passport holders to obtain self-clearance services to enable citizens' international travel to be more convenient.

The conditions, time limits and charges for applying for electronic ordinary passports are the same as usual but only add contents, including collecting applicants' fingerprints and signing applicants' names on the scene. After the launching of electronic ordinary passports, the original ordinary passports can continue to be available for use within the validity period without having to change.

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