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Residence Permit Application for International Students in Changchun
2011/03/30     Source:


Division of Exit-Entry Administration, Changchun Municipal Public Security Bureau


 No. 688, Division of Exit and Entry Administration, Changchun Municipal Public Security Bureau

Contact Number:

0431-88908470  0431-88927465 0431-88866655 

Processing Time 


Application Qualification

International Students to Study in Changchun

Required Materials

1. A duly completed Visa or Resident Permit Application Form, and a recently-taken, half-length, front-faced, bareheaded, passport-sized photo;


2. The original and copy of your valid passport or a certificate that can take the place of your passport (A4-sized paper, similarly hereinafter )


3. The admission letter and the official letter specifying the study duration issued by the university or college;


4. Applicants of age 18 to apply residence permit for more than one year should submit health certificates;


1) The department in charge of health check and re-check, and the medical care department in charge of affirmation of the health certificate is the local health quarantine department (Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Jilin Province)


2) Health certificate issued by the overseas public hospital and the notarized private hospital should be affirmed in the local health quarantine department. 

Transaction is made in line with the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Control of the Exit and Entry of Citizens and the Detailed Rules for Implementation

Application Fee: NA




Application-Submission-Acceptance- Accreditation-Issuance


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