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Formalities of Application for Acquiring, Restoring or Renouncing Chinese Citizenship
2011/03/30     Source:
(Applications of Persons under the Age of 18 May be Filed on Their Behalf by Their Parents)
Any person wishing to acquire, restore or renounce Chinese citizenship is requested to:
I.    Fill out and submit three application forms.
II.  Submit four recent 2x2-inches, half-length, bare-headed and full-faced photographs. 
III. Submit application fee of RMB 20 per person.
1.    Submit a written application with signature of the applicant or that of the applicant’s behalf.
2.  Submit the original and photocopy of passport and residence permit.
3.  Any mixed-blood children wishing to renounce Chinese citizenship shall submit their parents’ marriage documents, identity documents, and the original and photocopy of his/her parent’s valid residence permit.
4.  Submit health certificate (dated within the last six months)
5.  Submit residence registration in China
6.  The marriage certificates, birth certificates and domicile certificates obtained in foreign countries must be notarized by the Chinese embassies and consulates in these countries.
7.  Applicants who are over the age of 18 shall submit documents of no criminal record verified by the Chinese embassies and consulates in these foreign countries.
8.  For application of renouncing Chinese citizenship for the children adopted by foreign nationals, submit the notarized adoption certificates and the original and copy of identity certificate (s) of parents or a parent shall be submitted.  
9.  Submit housing proof (parents, brothers, sisters or other relatives shall provide proofs that they agree to provide residence for the applicant).
10. Submit income statements in China or bank deposits (not lower than the minimum standard of the city where the applicants are living)
11. Obtaining approval for acquiring or restoring Chinese citizenship: the applicant should show evidence of the renouncement of his or her original citizenship first. Relevant documents of original citizenship shall be returned. To renounce Chinese citizenship, an applicant needs to cancel original domicile certificates, obtain approved documents for renouncing Chinese citizenship and return relevant original Chinese certificates. 
Note:      Applicants should take all requested materials mentioned above and submit applications to the entry-exit administrations of the public security bureau in the prefecture-level cities. Approval may be obtained after the examination and approval by the Public Security Department of Jilin Province and the Ministry of Public Security of China.
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