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Application for Permanent Residence in China for Aliens Who Have Made Major Outstanding Contributions to China and Aliens Specially Needed to China
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Applicant shall fill in the Form of Application for Permanent Residence in China truthfully and present the following material:
(1) Valid passport or replacement certificates;
(2) Health Certificate issued by China’s government-assigned health and quarantine department, or Health Certificate issued by foreign health services and authenticated by China’s oversea embassies and consulates;
(3) Notary Certificate of No Criminal Convictions authenticated by China’s oversea embassies and consulates;
(4) Four recently-taken two-inch half-length, bareheaded and full-faced color photos.
(5) Recommendation Letter and other related certificates issued by China’s competent government.
Note: “Recommendation Letter and other related certificates” refer to the recommendation letter issued by competent ministry, committee or bureau under the State Council and, the Permit for Residence in China, reward proof issued by competent authority as well as the proof of the Applicant’s scientific research achievements with world influences or significant value.
According to regulations concerned, expatriate Chinese scientists and technicians can be confirmed and recommended by the Ministry of Personnel in way of issuing recommendation letter, identity confirmation letter together with the Permits for Foreign Experts Settling in China.
Permit for Permanent Residence in China is the valid identity document for residence in China given to the aliens who have obtained the qualification to permanently reside in China. It can be used alone. The holder can freely enter and leave China with this Permit and valid passport.
The aliens who have been approved for permanent residence in China can, within scope as stipulated by relevant laws and regulations, choose his/her place of living and/or working and work unit freely, without handling relevant approval, change or relocation formalities nor to re-register the Permit at fixed period. However, he/she shall:
(1) Report accommodation, register and set up offices or domicile place in strict accordance with Law of the People’s Republic of China on Entry and Exit of Aliens and its rules.
(2) Live in China for not less than three months in accumulative total every year.
(3) Carry the Permit for Permanent Residence in China along all the time.
(4) Apply for travel documents when travelling to areas closed to aliens. Any violations will be handled as appropriate by law.
Charged Items and Standard:
1. First issuance:
(1) Applicant shall pay 1500 yuan per capita as fee of application for permanent residence in China when the application is accepted.
(2) Applicant shall pay 300 yuan per Permit as a fee of Permit for Permanent Residence in China upon issuance of the Permit.
2. Change or re-issuance:
(1) Replace as holding the original: 300 yuan per Permit
(2) Reissue for loss reason: 600 yuan per Permit

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