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An Introduction to the International Outpatient Clinic of the No. 1 Hospital of Jilin University
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I Service Concept

The aim of our service concept is to bring into full play our efficient and authoritative human resources to provide any foreign friends in Jilin Province and the ones working or studying in Changchun as well as any other people from all walks of life the highest possible level of care, from the outpatient services, inpatient care to the follow-up services after operations to help further improve your quality of life.


II Service Flow

1. Establish VIP Membership System
1) Register as a VIP member at the 7th Floor of the Outpatient Clinic of the No. 1 Hospital of Jilin University
2) Take your ID and 1 passport photo (3.5 x 4.5 cm Face Forward)
3) Fill out the application form
4) Establish your Health Record

2. Convenient Medical and Check-up Services
Before coming to our hospital, a VIP member only needs to make a phone-call reservation. We will make all necessary arrangements in advance, providing you with one-on-one service and one consulting room per VIP member.

3. Whole-process Guide Service
VIPs enjoy whole-process guide services in our outpatient clinic.

4. Professional Diagnosis
Famous professors and experts are available for reserved diagnosis. A VIP member can also make an appointment with a particular expert, and service will be made available at the time agreed by the two sides.   
5. Whole-process Interpreting Service
To bridge the language barriers, we provide whole-process interpreting service. Foreign guests can wait at the exclusive waiting room, and the ushers will help you fill out VIP membership forms, get reports and pay dues, etc.

6. Medical Care Follow-up Service
Make systematic health plans for our VIP members, and monitor your implementation of the plans and track your recovery and health improvement. 

III Service Content
●Health Record Management
Health Management Center provides consulting services for VIP members, and establishes your Health Records.
●Health Evaluation Service
Famous professors and experts will make improvement plans after analyzing and evaluating the VIP members’ health situations.
●Check-up Service
Individualized check-up packages are provided to VIP members to make sure you will get effective annual check-up services. 
For more information about service fees at the International Outpatient Clinic, please call the VIP Outpatient Clinic of the No. 1 Hospital of Jilin University at 0431-88782999.

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