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Where shall I go to buy travel books?
2011/03/31     Source:
All bookstores in Changchun sell travel books.
*Changchun Tongren Bookstore
Address: No. 786, Xikang Road, Chaoyang District, Changchun
Telephone: 0431-85668138
*Foreign Language Bookstore of Jilin Province
Address: No. 1660, Tongzhi Street, Chaoyang District, Changchun, Jilin Province
Telephone: 0431-85663341
* Xinhua Bookstore
-Building of Books, Audios and Videos on Chongqing Road:
Address: No. 512, Chongqing Road, Nanguan District, Changchun District, Jilin Province, China
-Xinhua Bookstore on Hongqi Street:
Address: No. 525, Chaoyang District, Changchun
Telephone: 0431-85952610
-Xinhua Bookstore at the Changchun Auto Development Zone
Address: No. 39, Dongfeng Street, Lvyuan District, Changchun, Jilin Province, China
-Dama Road Xinhua Bookstore:
Address: Dama Road, Nanguan District, Changchun City
*Changchun Lianhe Bookstore
Address: No. 36, Furong Road, Kuancheng District, Chagnchun, Jilin Province
Telephone: 0431-82770115
-Lianhe Bookstore in Qianjin Street
Address: No. 1580, Qianjin Street, Chaoyang District, Changchun
Telephone: 0431-85172256
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