The government website is an important platform and window to provide government services for the community, is a bridge and bond to closely connect the government and the people, and is an effective means to promote innovation in government management manner. I sincerely welcome the public to the portal of Jilin Provincial People's Government!

The world of Internet, like the vast universe, is boundless and colorful. Internet, as the product of the rapid development of information-based society, is quietly changing the way the people live and the spiritual world, but also posing a new challenge to the government work - following the implementation of online "making government affairs public", "administrative examination and approval", "government procurement" and the like, in recent years, "soliciting opinions on government affairs via Internet", “leaders at all levels and net friends “replying topics” with each other, "online interaction" and other new things have emerged  in the online media. Under the new situation, the government website needs to play a greater role in bringing together public wisdom, listening to voice of the people and excluding difficulty and anxiety for the people, etc.

Since the reform and opening up especially the revitalization of old industrial bases in Jilin, the vast fertile land of Jilin has undergone dramatic changes. People far and near can click on the Jilin Provincial People's Government website to enjoy the beauty of Changbai Mountain and Songjiang River, to experience the unique folk customs on this black soil, to get an understanding of the brilliant achievements Jilin has made in development. In the face of new development, we are thoroughly implementing the scientific concept of development, accelerating the transformation of economic development pattern, coordinating the development of industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization with Jilin characteristics, implementing the investment-stimulating, project-leading and innovation-driving strategy, and making efforts to build a people-satisfied government and build a harmonious Jilin, to accelerate the pace of overall revitalization of Jilin.

With Internet as the golden bridge, we are with each other though far apart. I sincerely hope that the majority of net friends would continue to care for and support the economic development of Jilin, and earnestly look forward to your advice and suggestions for the prosperity and development of Jilin. Let us work together to create a better tomorrow!

Governor of Jilin Provincial People's Government

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