Wang Rulin met with Lukan Chihiro  2011-03-21
Wang Rulin met with South Korean Consul General in Shenyang Xin Henggen and his party  2011-03-03
Wang Rulin attended the Baicheng delegation group discussion  2011-02-16
Wang Rulin participated in the Siping and Songyuan delegation group discussions  2011-02-15
Wang Rulin participated in the forum with the provincial CPPCC members from Hong Kong and Macao  2011-02-15
Wang Rulin participated in the group discussion of Tonghua and Baishan delegations  2011-02-14
Wang Rulin visited Baicheng Party building poverty alleviation contact point  2011-01-14
Wang Rulin attends the signing ceremony between Tonghua and Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group  2011-01-06
Wang Rulin Visited State Statistics Bureau Jilin Survey Organization and the Provincial Statistics Bureau  2010-12-29
Governor Wang Rulin Met with Israeli Ambassador to China Amo Nadai  2010-12-08
Wang Rulin Meets with Ou Zhaolun  2010-12-06
Wang Rulin Stressed Sound Market Economic Environment should Be Created  2010-11-30
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