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16 Major Projects in Changchun New District has Centrally Started
2016/12/05     Source:

The Major Projects Centralized Starting and Changchun New Energy Automobile Project Cornerstone Laying Ceremony of Changchun New District in 2016 was held in the New and High-tech North Zone of Changchun New District and the construction of 16 projects was officially started. The total investment of the projects is 13.6 billion yuan, characterized by high scientific and technological contents, high amount of investment and strong promoting capacity, etc. Wang Lu and Yang Junliang, the leaders of Changchun Municipal Government attended the ceremony.

This February, the State Council printed and issued the Approval of Setting of Changchun New District and the setting of Changchun New District was approved. On April 26, the ceremony of founding of Changchun New District opened the curtain of construction of Changchun New District.

Since the starting of construction of Changchunn New District, the momentum of inviting businessmen and project construction has been strong, 209 major projects have been stored in the whole district, it is planned to start the construction of 185 projects including 97 industrial projects, 35 service projects and 53 real estate and social undertaking projects. By now, 96 projects have been started and restored and the “100-day meeting” of the centralized starting of the projects is being deeply promoted.

In the 16 centralized started projects, there are 9 industrial projects, that is, Chnagchun New Energy Automobile Industrial Park Project, Changguang Satellite Space Information Industrial Park Project, Jilin Yatai Medicine Park Project, Changchun Ximai Meteorological Instrument Project, Changchun Rongde Optical Encoder Project, Jilin Yongli Laser Project, Jilin Anyou Biological Project, Changchun Huizhi Printing and Packaging Production Project, Changchun Jinyi Trading Project; 5 service projects, that is, Changchun Huawei Cloud Data Center Project, Wuzhou International MOMO Project, Ping’an Automobile Supply Chain Financial Industrial Park Project, Changchun Jiuzhoutong Medicine Logistic Park Project and Life Financial Building Project; 2 social undertaking projects, that is, Jilin Province No. 2 People’s Hospital Project and Changchun New and High-tech No. 1 Experimental School 2nd-stage Project.

The New Energy Automobile Industrial Park Project had the cornerstone laying ceremony held on that day. The project, with the total investment of 3.4 billion yuan, will be built into the power battery, energy storage system, development center and new energy automobile production base, build the new energy automobile industrial chain and promote the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry of Changchun City.

Wang Lu, one of the Standing Members of Changchun Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor said that Changchun New District should make all efforts to accelerate the construction of the projects and quickly open the new situation of development of the district according to the national, provincial and municipal requirements, make all efforts to grasp the project service, carry out the element support, realize the support policy in time and help resolve the difficulties met in the construction. The relevant units directly under the city should pave the roads and build the bridges for the construction of the new district and create the favorable conditions. It is expected that the project constructors will accelerate the schedules according to the construction plans and try to build the projects earlier, put them into production earlier and achieve the effects earlier.

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