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Liaoyuan Economic Development Zone and Xiamen Kehuahengsheng Co., Ltd. Carried out the Connection of the Grid Connection Power Station Project
2016/12/01     Source:

In order to advocate the low carbon and environmental protection and reduce the production burdens of the enterprises in the zone, on October 14, Liaoyuan Economic Development Zone invited Mr. Zhang Liming, Secretary General of the Office of the US Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Beijing and Mr. Xu Dongtao, Deputy General Manager of Xiamen Kehuahengsheng Co., Ltd. to Liaoyuan Economic Development Zone to hold a symposium on the distributive photovoltaic grid connection power station project. Mr. Zhang Liyi, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Liaoyuan Economic Development Zone and the principals of the enterprises in a certain scale in the development zone attended the symposium. 

Mr. Xu Dongtao gave a detailed introduction of the power generation advantages, building requirements and long-term income mode for the enterprise of the distributive photovoltaic power station and carefully explained the power protection and energy conservation integration of the equipment. Deputy Director Zhang Liyi carried out the detailed consultation on some problems of water resistance, climatic factors of Northeast China, project quality and technology, etc. in the project construction on behalf of all the enterprises.

Xu Dongtao thought that the company would combine the climatic factors of Northeast China in the four seasons to present the detailed project implementation plan so as to assure the effect of mutual benefits and win-win of both the parties.

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