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Jilin Tumen Development Zone Strengthens the Invitation of Businessmen and Capital Attraction and Makes all Efforts to Accelerate the Construction of the Projects
2016/12/01     Source:


Since the beginning of the year, Tumen Economic Development Zone has solidlyimplemnted the invitation of businessmen with the promotion of the sound and quick development of the tax source economy as the objective.

This year, Yanbian Yihong Food Processing Project with the total investment of 55million yuan has had the previous procedure basically completed and the construction will have been started by the beginning of next year; Tumen Juyang Industrial Trade Lythe Processing Project with the total investment of 55 million yuan has had the roofs of office building and dormitory building completed and the interior decoration is being carried out; Tumen Caomuyuan Bean Products Processing Project has had the workshop building foundation completed; Shunfeng Photoelectric Communication Network Connector Project with the total investment of 70 million yuan has leased the 2400m2 plant building and it has been put into production by now; the tarpaulin production project jointly built by Qingdao Wenhuilin Machinery Co., Ltd. and Rzhao Botong Plastic Co., Ltd. with the total investment of 0.12 billion yuan has been formally put into production by now. Taiwan Xinyiyuan Network Optical Fiber Project with the total investment of 0.12 billion yuan is planned to be built into the production base covering an area of 30000m2 and the contract was signed in the activity of “Taiwan Enterprises Entering Jilin Province”. By now, the product has leased the plant building with the area of 4500m2, 6 production lines have been increased and the multiple products such as optical fiber patch chord, etc. have been developed. Weibao Shengbao Sports Articles Project with the total investment of 50 million yuan has leased the plant building in the east of the incubator with the area of 2400m2 and the installation of the equipment has been completed by now. The automobile harness 2nd-stage project with the total investment of 0.41 billion yuan has had the works with the total building area of 45600m2 completed, 3 dormitory buildings and 2 standard plant buildings have been put into production and 15 production lines have started production by now. It is predicted that the project can reach the scale of 1200 employees, the tax of 20 million yuan can be paid in the whole year and efforts will be made to achieve the annual tax of 30 million yuan next year.      

In addition, more than 20 projects including Hebei Baoding Sneakers Production Project, Dongguan Fuchuang Precision Ceramic Ferrule Project and Nanjing Hanxu Technology Laptop Wiring Project, etc. are being actively promoted.

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