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Quinoa Standard Planting and Products Processing Project of Jilin City
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1. Introduction to the Project

1.1 Project Construction Background

1.1.1 Product Introduction

Quinoa, originally produced in Andes, South America, has a planting history of more than 5000 years. Quinoa is the good-quality high-protein alkaline food, with the low sugar and low fat, containing no gluten, with the high meal fiber, rich in multiple amino acids, unsaturated fat acid, vitamin B and Vitamin E as well as minerals.

Quinoa is characterized as easy cooking and digestion and good taste; plays the roles of resupplying nutrients and strengthening the immunity; adjusts the internal secretion, resists cancer, reduces the weight and prevents diseases; it is applicable to all groups of people, especially those physically weak persons. Quinoa not only contains the rich nutrients needed by a human being but also has the good-quality protein similar to the amino acid compositions of a human body. It can reduce the input of the breeding industry in the feedstuff, sheds and human labor, the occupation of the farmland by the farm, the environmental pollution by the animal discharges and influences of the diseases carried by the livestock and animals on the human health. It plays the irreplaceable roles in the food safety, food nutrition and even rural area, agriculture and farmer problems. It is one of the crops with the greatest potential.

1.1.2 Market Analysis

(1) Analysis of the present situation of the market 

Now, the planting and distribution of quinoa is centralized in the world. It is mainly planted in Andes, South America, which is also the place of origin of quinoa. In addition to South America, the commercial planting and relevant research has also been started in the US, Canada, France, Australia and China.

According to the incomplete statistics, the quinoa planting area of quinoa in South America is 1 million hectares, but the output is only 70000 tons. Therefore, the output is low. It is in the state of planting in a large area but low harvest in most of the high-altitude mountainous regions. Generally speaking, the quality is good but the output is low.

(2) Forecasting of market prospect

According to the current situation of low output of quinoa, the output can reach 500kg/mu in the foreign countries after the optimization test, so quinoa, like rice or wheat, has the potential of fertility. Our current test output can reach 400kg, but the output in the big farmland is not more than 500jin. As one of the staple food containing no gluten, which can replace rice or wheat, especially as the all-protein food, quinoa, as the staple food or functional food, has the broad development prospect.

Quinoa is one of the top 10 nutrients especially recommended by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in the world. At present, the sales price in the international market is about 10USD/jin and the sales price in the domestic online shop is 86 yuan/jin, so the market prospect is really broad. Quinoa can be also developed into a new food industry. Because it contains various nutrients, there have been various quinoa deep-processed products in the international market, for example, some major companies such as Nestle and Babynat, etc. have their own children’s quinoa food, quinoa beverage, quinoa vodka, quinoa noodle and quinoa snacks, which are not rarea in the international market. Therefore, quinoa can be established into a rising industry and the industrial chain can be extended unlimitedly.

The foundation for the project construction is the successful test planting of quinoa in Jilin. This marks that the organic quinoa can be planted and processed in a large scale and the subsequent matching industrial construction can be carried out in Jilin.

1.1.3 Technical Analysis

The production equipment with the reliable quality and matching capabilities are chosen for the project construction. The stable process, energy conservation, environmental-protection technology and correct technical route are taken in the production. The deep-freezing process is scientific, rational and feasible.

1.1.4 Advantageous Conditions of Project Construction

(1) Policy conditions

Jilin (China-Singapore) Food Zone encourages the pilot development in some aspects such as system, mechanism, science and technology, etc., gives the support of policies, taxation and funds, etc. and provides the strong policy support for the enterprise entering the zone.

(2) Technical advantages

At present, more than 98% of the quinoa consumed in the world comes from South America and a little quinoa is planted in the US and Canada in North America and the test planting of quinoa in a lot of other countries is not ideal.

The domestic quinoa planting scale is small, it is only popularized and planted in some regions such as Shanxi and Qinghai and most of the processing enterprises depend on the producing area, with the small production scale.

In recent years, the test planting of quinoa in Jilin City has been successful, so the material source can be provided for the development of the quinoa industry in the local area.

(3) Personnel advantages

The project zone neighbors Jilin City and Changchun City where there are about 20 agricultural colleges and universities, about 30 national and provincial agricultural scientific research institutes such as Institute of Special Products of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, providing the agricultural scientific and technological support for the enterprises in the food zone.

(4) Location advantages

The fundamental construction of Jilin (China-Singapore) Food Zone has been completed, the “connection of 7 aspects and 1 leveling” has been achieved, some facilities of water, power, heating and communication, etc. can be provided via the complete and matching public engineering pipelines of the zone, the basic conditions of the project are assured and there is the developed transport on the factory site.

The core zone is located between Changchun City, the capital city of Jilin Province and Jilin City, the second largest city of Jilin Province, with the planned area of 57km2, including the construction land of 36km2. The emphasis goes to build 6 major functional districts, that is, food processing district, storage and logistic district, modern commercial residential district, scientific research service district, leisure and holiday district and ecological protection district, etc.

1.2 Content and Scale of Project Construction

1.2.1 Product Scale

Build the quinoa processing workshop: annual processing of 10000 tons of quinoa, producing a series of products such as quinoa protomere, quinoa meal, quinoa powder, quinoa pastries and quinoa wine, etc.

Develop the quinoa planting base: according to the order agriculture, build the quinoa breeding and planting base to develop the quinoa planting area of 20000mu.  

1.2.2 Construction contents:

The project construction land is 20000m2. The quinoa processing production line and matching works will be built. The project includes the production workshop building, refrigerating warehouse, material warehouse, finished products warehouse, comprehensive office building, guard’s room and relevant public works, etc.

1.3 Total Investment of the Project and Capital Raising

1.3.1 Total investment of the project

Table 1: Summary Table of the Total Investment of the Project 

                                                  Unit: 10 thousand yuan


Expense Name

Amount of Investment

Proportion of Total Investment %



Construction investment





Interest in the construction period





Current funds





Total investment of the project (1+2+3)




Note: “RMB10, 000” in the Table shall be RMB.

1.3.2 Capital Raising

The capital contributor is the constructor, with the amount of financial contribution of 200 million yuan and the capital is input according to the yearly capital plan of the project.

1.4 Financial Analysis and Social Evaluation

1.4.1 Main Financial Indexes

Table 2: List of Major Indexes for Forecast of Financial Benefits







Business income

10 thousand yuan/a


Normal year


Total profit

10 thousand yuan/a


Normal year


Internal financial yield rate of the investment



After the income tax


Net financial value (Ic=10%)

10 thousand yuan


After the income tax


Recovery period of all the investment (after the tax)



Including the construction period of 1 year


Investment profit rate



After the income tax

Note: “RMB10, 000” in the Table shall be RMB.

1.4.2 Social Evaluation

(1) After the project is completed, it can increase the employments of the local people, increase the local people’s income, improve the citizens’ living standard and make great contribution to the increasing of the social employment rate.

(2) The implementation of the project can effectively promote the development of the upper-stream and lower-stream enterprises and other relevant industries so as to promote the local rapid economic development.

1.5 Cooperative Ways

Sole investment or other modes which can be negotiated

1.6 Construction Site

Jilin (China-Singapore) Food Zone

2. Introduction to Partner

2.1 Basic Conditions

Name: Jilin (China-Singapore) Food Zone

Address: Jilin City, Jilin Province

Legal representative: Li Changshan (Director of the Management Committee)

2.2 Overview

Jilin (China-Singapore) Food Zone, located in Jilin City, Jilin Province, is the project between the Chinese and Singaporean governments to establish the international cooperation in the food quality and safety fields. 

The food zone is divided into the core zone and control zone.

The core zone is located between Changchun City, the capital city of Jilin Province and Jilin City, the second largest city of Jilin Province, with the planned area of 57km2, including the construction land of 36km2. The emphasis goes to build 6 major functional districts, that is, food processing district, storage and logistic district, modern commercial residential district, scientific research service district, leisure and holiday district and ecological protection district, etc.

Around the core zone, with rivers and mountains, etc. as the natural barriers, the 1450km2 control district is planned. According to the OIE standard, the nonstandard epidemic disease breeding demonstration park is built and the modern agricultural experiment demonstration project is carried out via the strict control and management. Jilin(China-Singapore) Food Zone, with the construction of the food quality and safety assurance system as the core, the construction objectives of “4 districts and 1 city” are finally achieved via China-Singapore cooperation, that is, international first-rate safety and health food production demonstration district, modern agricultural development demonstration district; industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization overall planning demonstration district; Changchun-Jilin-Tumen Development and Opening Strategy Pilot Demonstration District; a modern ecological and livable city built between Jilin City and Changchun City.

In the industrial development direction, according to the industrial plan of Jilin Food Zone, the emphasis goes to develop the meat products industry; milk products industry; grain refined and deep-processing industry and health product industry focused on the refined and deep-processing of special resources of Changbai Mountain. Build the comprehensive new food industry city integrating food development, production, sales and logistics, etc.

In addition, depending on the location and resource advantages of the food zone, some emerging industries such as biomedicine, electronic information, advanced equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection and new energy, etc. are developed. Some industries of modern logistics, education and training, ecological tourism, headquarters economy, business exhibitions and conferences and finance and insurance, etc. are developed. According to the urban construction plan of the food zone, the development and construction of the urban infrastructure, real estate, commerce and trade, etc. is comprehensively carried out.

2.3 Contact Method

Contact person: Liu Hongyu

Tel: 0432-68089293  18704324111

Fax: 0432-64118432

E-mail: liuhongyu_9920@163.com


Contact Methods of Project City(Prefecture)

Contact unit: Jilin Bureau of Economic and Technological Cooperation

Contact person: Liu Aiguo

Tel: 0432-62026489

E-mail: 1103817842@qq.com

Website of the city/prefecture: www.jlszsw.gov.cn


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