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Carbon Fiber Industrial Park Project of Liaoyuan City
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1. Introduction to the Project

1.1 Project Background

1.1.1 Product Introduction

The development of carbon fiber industry in Xi’an District starts early. It has had nearly 30 years of development history. It is developed firstly starting from carbon fiber and common carbon felt which are used in the military, aviation, aerospace and civilian. There are now about 10 large-scale carbon fiber enterprises. Enterprises, from small to large, from weak to strong, have been formed into a complete carbon fiber industrial chain. The profitability grows year by year. Currently, the carbon fiber product system mainly comprised of PAN carbon felt, graphite hard felt stereotyped, composite carbon felt, carbon/carbon plate and viscose-based activated carbon fiber has come into shape.

Meanwhile, carbon fiber enterprises have accumulated abundant technologies and experiences during the processes of research and development and production of carbon fiber. Lots of carbon fiber technicians have been trained. The number of people engaged in this industry is more than 500. These accumulated mature technologies and abundant human resources are the guarantee to build our carbon fiber industry into the provincial leveled base.

The project is planned to build Carbon Fiber Industrial Park in Xi'an District, Liaoyuan City. It is relied on the existing carbon fiber enterprises. However, the cooperation with external partners shall be reinforced. All the local carbon fiber enterprises will be gathered in the park for concentrated development. A new type of industrial cluster with independent intellectual property rights and innovation capability shall be established. The industrial alliance shall be organized in order to co-develop markets and create scale benefits.

1.1.2 Market Overview

Carbon fiber is a new type of high-tech material. The composite material made of carbon fiber is of high strength and it is ultra-light and can resist high temperature and high pressure. Carbon fiber is a new type of material with superior mechanical property. Its specific gravity is less than 1/4 of steel. The tensile strength of carbon fiber resin composite material is generally more than 3500Mpa, which is 7-9 times of that of steel. Its tensile elastic modulus is 230-430Gpa, higher than that of steel. Thus, the ratio of specific strength of CFRP (the strength of material) to its density can reach 2000Mpa/(g/cm3) or more, and the specific strength of A3 steel is only around 59Mpa/(g/cm3), and its specific modulus is higher than that of steel. The higher the strength of the material, the smaller the self weight and the higher the specific modulus, and the larger the rigidity of the component. In this sense, it indicates the carbon fiber industry has broad application prospects. In recent years, with the development of technology and the upgrading and updating of products, the international and domestic demands for carbon fiber products grow rapidly. There are many advantageous properties of carbon fiber, e.g. low density, high specific strength, high specific modulus, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, low resistance, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient and radiation resistance etc. For the excellent properties of carbon fiber and its composite materials, they are widely used in aerospace, modern national defense, transportation, clean energy, construction reinforcement, medical equipment, sports and entertainment, power cable and high temperature resistance vacuum sintering furnace, plastics and rubber etc. Their application range is expanding. Now, carbon fiber materials have been used in the automotive wheels.

Firm as rock, tough as hair. It is the qualities of materials that human beings have pursued since ancient times. The 10th SAMPE International Advanced Materials Exhibition was held in Beijing in the end of May 2015. A roll of black braided fabric like cloth caught the attentions of audiences. This is the “dark horse” jumped out from so many other new materials. Carbon fiber not only is of softness and rigidity, but also is not afraid of acid corrosion and high temperature. It also has the advantages such as electrical and thermal conductivity and electromagnetic shielding, etc.

Carbon fiber material is light and its density is only 1/3 of that of plain paper. Its strong supporting capacity makes many recent rising “stars” more attractive and fascinating.

Zero fuel solar-powered aircraft - “Solar Impulse No. 2” made by Swiss started its global flight journey since March 2015. 80% of its overall structure is made of honeycomb carbon fiber material for “warm coat”, so this huge aircraft with wingspan reaching 72 meters and wider than Boeing 747 weighs only 2300 kg, equivalent to the weight of a family car. Thus, more energy will be saved during flight. Meanwhile, it can fly at a height of 8500 meters, and resist the severe chilliness of -30 ℃.

Recently, foreign media published the exoskeleton of latest invented unpowered machinery. It is made of light carbon fiber material. With ingenious biomechanical structure, it can help people to reduce energy consumption by 7% during walking. It is basically equivalent to the reduced weight of 4.5 kg. It is undoubtedly the good news for the disabled who have difficulty in walking and special soldiers who often go trekking.

Although carbon fiber is light and looks like plastic, but in fact its impact resistance is better than that of steel, and its mechanical strength and impact resistance are higher and it is more secure. Therefore, lots of countries are actively developing the carbon fiber industry currently. It is an important support to seize the commanding heights of the next round of industrial and defense competition.

Take car for example. Carbon fiber technology can not only make the body of car lighter, but also strengthen the strength of car body. The car using carbon fiber weights only 20% to 30% of the weight of ordinary steel vehicle but its hardness is 10 times more than that of ordinary steel vehicle. When every 10% of the weight of vehicle is reduced, the fuel consumption is reduced by 6% to 8% and the emission is reduced by 5% to 6%. In the same fuel consumption condition, a car can run the extra distance of about 50 km per hour, which will help for the acceleration and braking of vehicle.

With the rapid development of economy, technology is constantly developing. Carbon fiber production technology is one of many representations of national strength. All-composite turboprop business jet in “Lingshi AG300” Aircraft with our own intellectual property right has successfully completed its maiden flight in Zhuhai. The application of carbon fiber in high-end market in China is starting.

1.1.3 Advantageous conditions for the construction of project

(1) Industrial advantage

New material industry has been explicitly listed in one of the national strategic new emerging industries. The future star - carbon fiber and its composite materials have been formally included in the national “863” and “973” plans.

(2) Location advantage

The regional location of Liaoyuan District is good and the transportation here is very convenient. State Highway 303 and Siping-Meihekou Railway pass through the entire territory of Liaoyuan District. Liaoyuan-Xifeng Railway, Long Liao Highway, Yingchengzi-Meihekou Highway, Jilin-Caoshi Highway and Liaoyuan-Xifeng Highway have been build. The construction of Liaoyuan-Changchun Railway is undergoing. The construction of Jishuang-Shuangliao Highway and Siping-Songjianghe High-speed Railway is accelerated. A new channel to the hinterland in the northeast of China has come into shape, which effectively enhance the geographical advantages of Liaoyuan. Currently, Second City Ring Road has been built. First City Ring Road passes all through. Third City Ring Road is under construction and is planned to be delivered for use in the next three years. Then, the complete transportation network system will be formed.

(3) Resource advantage

Liaoyuan is rich in natural resources with good ecological basis. Liaoyuan coal mining can be traced back to a century ago. The reserves of limestone, wollastonite and other minerals are also considerable. Liaoyuan has four distinctive seasons. The land here is fertile. The average annual rainfall is 666 mm. There are two counties which are the national commodity grain bases. The annual grain output of the city remains around 1.5 billion kg. The two counties are also the advanced counties for having millions of acres of man-made forest. The forest coverage rate of this city reaches 33%. Dongfeng sika deer is very important in the whole country. The output of tussah in Dongliao County accounts for 3/5 of the total output of Jilin Province.

1.2 Content and Scale of Project Construction

The project is to construct the infrastructure of park, including the infrastructure of Carbon Fiber R&D and Production Base covering a total area of 20,000 m2, office buildings, standard workshops, raw material warehouses, and finished goods warehouses, etc. It is planned to divide into five regions: carbon fiber industry core zone, carbon fiber products processing zone, carbon fiber auxiliary materials zone, carbon fiber and special equipment manufacturing zone and carbon fiber R&D and business services zone.

1.3 Total Investment of the Project and Capital Raising

Table 1: Summary Table of Total Investment of the Project     Unit: RMB10,000


Expense Name

Amount of Investment

Proportion of Total Investment %



Construction investment





Interest incurred in construction period





Working capital





Total investment of the project (1+2+3)




1.4 Financial Analysis and Social Evaluation

1.4.1 Main Financial Indexes

Table 2: List of Major Indexes for Forecast of Economic Benefits







Sales income



Normal year


Total profit



Normal year


FIRR of all investments



After income tax


FNPV (Ic=10%)



After income tax


Period for recovery of all investments (after tax)



Including 2 years of construction period


Rate of return on investment



After income tax

Note: "RMB10,000" in the Table shall be RMB.

1.4.2 Social Evaluation

In recent years, under the impetus of the relevant national ministries and commissions, the industrialization and large-scale development of carbon fiber industry in China has made a major breakthrough. Carbon fiber industry has entered into a new and unprecedented stage of development. The industrialized R&D of carbon fiber under the complete R&D chain of carbon fiber is developing at the accelerated speed.

1.5 Cooperative Ways

Joint venture.

1.6 Foreign Investment and Constitution:

Capital investment; for details, agreement shall be reached through face-to-face negotiation.

1.7 Construction Site of the Project

Industrial Concentration Area, Xi’an District, Liaoyuan City

1.8 The On-going Condition of Project

The project proposal has been compiled.

2. Introduction to Partner

2.1 Basic Conditions

Name: Xi’an District Industrial Concentration Area

Address: No. 1077, Renmin Avenue, Xi’an District, Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province

2.2 Overview

Industrial Concentration Zone in Xi’an District of Liaoyuan City is a provincial industrial concentration district established with the approval of provincial government in 2005. It is granted with provincial administrative privileges. It is located in Xi’an District of Liaoyuan City. The planning area of this zone is 20.74 km2. It is only one hour drive to Changchun and Siping and two-hours drive to Shenyang. The exit of Liaoyuan – Changchun Highway is located in the Industrial Concentration Zone. For two zones and two districts, a special railway line is in three parks. It has the regional advantages to undertake the industrial transfer and the outflow of production factors. A number of carbon fiber R&D enterprises, e.g. Liaoyuan Dongsheng Graphite Fiber Co., Ltd., Liaoyuan Hengfa Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd., Liaoyuan Delong Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd., and Liaoyuan Wangteng Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. are settled in the zone. A carbon fiber industrial chain with complete upstream and downstream supplies has been formed.

2.3 Contact Method

Contact Person: Ge Yao

Tel: 0437-3635345

Fax: 0437-3635345

E-mail: lyxajh@163.com


Contact Person of Project City (Prefecture):

Contact Unit: Economic and Technical Cooperation Bureau of Liaoyuan City

Contact Person: Cui Shiwei

Tel: 0437-3528822    13766066922

E-mail:  lysjhj@163.com

Website of City (Prefecture):http://www.lysjhj.cn/



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